RK&G Construction offers a variety of services for all of your public works needs.

We are always working, training, and learning any way we can in order to give our customers the excellent service they deserve.

See below for a few of the first rate services that RK&G has to offer.


    • Doors & Hardware
      1. Electronic locking Systems
      2. Hollow metal & Security Doors and Frames
      3. Blackboard Integrated Locking Systems
      4. Electrical Door Hardware
    • RK&G is a Blackboard Certified Installer of Integrated locking systems.
RK&G broke ground with the largest electronic door hardware install of its kind at SBCC this past year.
These locking systems are operated with a Blackboard OS controlled through a central hub. For any and all electrical door hardware needs, contact RK&G to keep your business, your store, and your schools safe with the latest in locking mechanism technology.
    • Coatings Inspector NACE CIP Level 2
      1. RK&G employs NACE certified coatings inspectors to ensure that all commercial paint work is performed to the highest of industry standards.
  • Concrete
    1. Foundations and Slabs
    2. Poured in place structures
    3. Flat Work
    4. Site Work
      • Framing
        1. Steel & Wood , Heavy Timber
        2. Drywall

Public Works Contractor