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RK&G Construction is a woman owned business with Christian ideals and values.

Rose Caicco Kinyon established RK&G in 2010, with a vision to     create a company that would allow women to have a place in the construction industry.

There has been a need for construction companies that would allow women to take on key roles in the organization, especially in             management.  It has been her goal to create a company that                encourages both men and women with the ability and desire to fill those roles in Construction.

Rose is a native of California and has resided with her family in the Santa Maria Valley for over thirty years .

RK&G Construction hopes to promote equality with women and men working in the construction industry.  She strives to provide         opportunities for advancement and futures for a better life for all        employees.

RK&G provides quality service done right the first time and has            become known for their attention to detail.

Our core values start from our love of God and expand to all those we work with and for.

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